Release Notes for Spectrum Digital C2000 Emulation Drivers


Spectrum Digital Inc

12502 Exchange Dr.

Suite 440

Stafford, Texas 77477





Phone:             281-494-4500

Fax:                 281-494-5310


Processors Supported

TMS320F2401, TMS320F2407, TMS320F2812


Operating Systems Supported

Windows NT-4 Service pack 6 or higher

Windows 2000 with service pack 2 or higher

Windows 98-SE

Windows Me

Windows XP


Emulators Supported:

eZdsp2401, eZdsp2407, eZdsp2812


Code Composer Version Supported:

Release 2.1x, 2.2x


Product Release:         2.20

Release Date;              Feb-2003


New Features



Release 1.10


Release 1.00



Installation is integrated with CCS.  See CCS install instructions or Quick Start included with your eZdsp.  To install from the Spectrum Digital ftp site download the latest drivers, unzip drivers to temp directory and run the self-extracting installation.

Where To Find Things

Under the installation directory, <INSTALL_DIR> you can find the following:



The SDFlash utility is included for programming support.  Device specific algorithm and example files are not included in the base install.  You can find these in one of three places for the specific device you wish to program.

  1. On the installation CD in zip format.
  2. On the Spectrum Digital web/ftp site.
  3. On the Texas Instruments web/ftp site.


Basic instructions on where to unzip the flash files are documented in the “project_readme.txt” file located in the  “specdig\sdflash\myprojects” directory. The FLASH algorithms are device revision dependent so make sure you match the algorithms to the device revision.  Following is summary of current F28xx algorithms.


F2810/12 Silicon Rev

REVID (0x883)

SDFlash Algo Version









In version 2.2x of CCS you have the ability to run external emulator diagnostics during  “Reset Emulator” or during CC startup in the event of an error.  All of the Spectrum Digital CCS configuration files will point to SDConfig utility.  When staring CCS if a serious error occurs you will get a dialog, which has an additional button for diagnostics.  If you select this button then the SDConfig utility will be launched.  At this point you can check your port settings and test your emulator connection.  Once your emulator connection is tested you exit SDConfig and retry CCS.


Once CCS is launched you also have the same capability via the “Reset Emulator” command under the Debug menu.

Known Problems


Hotmenu SetupRealTime()


            /* Start real-time app from reset */


            /* Init real-time monitor */

            GEL_Go( MON_GO );

            /* Enable real-time mode */