Release Notes for Spectrum Digital C2000 Emulation Drivers


Spectrum Digital Inc

12502 Exchange Dr.

Suite 440

Stafford, Texas 77477




Support URL:

Phone:             281-494-4500

Fax:                 281-494-5310


Processors Supported

TMS320F24x, TMS320LF24xx, TMS320F28xx


Operating Systems Supported

Windows 2000 with service pack 2 or higher, service pack 3 recommended for improved USB support

Windows XP, service pack 1 recommended for improved USB support

Win98SE, WinNT4 (not recommended)


Emulators Supported:

XDS510PP, SPI510, SPI515, XDS510PP_PLUS, SPI525, XDS510USB


Code Composer Version Supported:

Release 2.21-2.23


Product Release:         2.21.03

Release Date;              May-2005


Important Details

·         The emulation drivers for release 2.21.00 are a subset of the CCS 3.1x drivers installed into a CCS 2.21 environment. The minimum tested version of CCS for this release is CCS 2.21.  Emulation drivers for pre-CCS 2.21 are available on the Spectrum Digital web/ftp sites.

·         If you are using CCS 2.4x-3.1x then you should install CCS 3.1x drivers so that you pick up the additional emulation driver content.

New Features


  1. If you have previously installed a CCS 2.x emulation driver then uninstall these drivers.
  2. Run SetupCCSC2000_v22100.exe.  The install directory should be your current Code Composer Studio install directory, generally “c:\ti”.
  3. If using an XDS510USB emulator, unplug and replug the USB cable to force a complete driver update.
  4. If this is first time install of the XDS510USB hardware then Windows will pop up the Hardware Install Wizard to install USB drivers.  If this occurs you need to direct the wizard to look in the directory <CCS_INSTALLDIR>\specdig\xds510usb to find the USB .inf/.sys files.  Once Windows has completed the hardware setup, unplug and replug the USB cable.


  1. CCS 2.21 drivers are forward compatible with CCS 2.4/3.x with two exceptions. First CCS 2.21 drivers lack the Connect/Disconnect feature but will work in CCS 2.4x/3.x environment.  Second, testing has shown that CCS 2.21 RTDX is not fully compatible with CCS 2.4/3.x, RTDX and may fail to send/receive data.
  2. CCS 2.4/3.x drivers are NOT backward compatible to CCS 2.x drivers.  When a CCS 2.4x/3.x driver is used under CCS 2.2x the emulation connection will fail to connect by default.
  3. If you are using the XDS510USB emulator and move back and forth between CCS 2.x and CCS 2.4/3.x then you should unplug and replug the USB cable between CCS sessions.  This will maintain the necessary relationship between a CCS 2.x and CCS 2.4/3.x-driver stack.  You must also select the correct SdConfig for the current CCS focus.  That is select ”SdConfig OMAP v2.2x” if using CCS 2.2x.  SdConfig will automatically load emulation drivers if they are not already loaded to the XDS510USB so you must select the SdConfig for the CCS you are targeting.
  4. If you intend on having a dual CCS 2.4/3.x and CCS 2.2x side by side install then read the instructions in the file _CCSV22_DoAutoConnect.  This file is located in your < CCS_INSTALLDIR >\drivers directory. 

 Where To Find Things

Under the installation directory, <INSTALL_DIR> you can find the following:


·         docs\pdf :                      Emulator user guides and schematics.

·         docs\releasenotes:         This file and other release notes.

·         drivers:                          Emulation drivers, *.dvr files.

·         drivers\import:                CCS setup configuration files.

·         specdig\SDConfig:         Spectrum Digital emulator configuration utility.

·         specdig\SDFlash:          Spectrum Digital FLASH programming utility.

·         specdig\xds510usb:       XDS510USB win32 .sys and .inf file.


The SDFlash utility is included for programming support.  Device specific algorithm and example files are not included in the base install.  You can find these in one of three places for the specific device you wish to program.

  1. On the installation CD in zip format.
  2. On the Spectrum Digital web/ftp site.
  3. On the Texas Instruments web/ftp site.


Basic instructions on where to unzip the flash files are documented in the “project_readme.txt” file located in the  “specdig\sdflash\myprojects” directory. The FLASH algorithms are device revision dependent so make sure you match the algorithms to the device revision. 

eZdsp Support

The eZdsp driver included with your eZdsp and the XDS510PP-PLUS driver support the eZdsp under a full CCS install.  The CCS included with your eZdsp is a restricted use product and does not include full emulator support. 


Known Problems  

Hotmenu SetupRealTime()


            /* Start real-time app from reset */


            /* Init real-time monitor */

            GEL_Go( MON_GO );

            /* Enable real-time mode */