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SDConfig Utility

The SDconfig and SDConfigEx utilities are Windows GUI based utilities that allow the user to test the connection between the host computer, Spectrum Digital JTAG Emulator, and Target DSP board. The utilities can be used as a confidence test to assure the hardware tool chain is functional and installed properly. In addition, the SDConfig may help determine which part of the hardware tool chain is not responding in the event that a valid connection cannot be verified.

SDConfig and SDConfigEX are distributed as component of the standard Spectrum Digital Emulation driver Installations. An icon for the SDConfig and SDConfigEx utilities will be placed on the desktop of the computer where the Spectrum Digital Emulation Driver installation has been installed. If you do not see the SDConfig icon on the desktop, SDconfig may be launched from the sdconfig.exe found in the default installation path such as: c:\{Install Dir}\specdig\sdconfig or c:\{Install Dir}\specdig\sdconfigEx.


SDConfigEx Utility

SDConfig Utility

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